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Okanogan County Fire District 6 (OCFD6) is a professional organization of volunteer and career firefighters that provides fire, rescue, and emergency response services throughout the Methow Valley in Washington State.

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Wildfire Season: Spring is here and that means wildfire season is not far behind.  Now is the time to ask yourself "How defensible is my space?"  The 3 Zone concept of           defensible space identifies 3 distinct zones that radiate out from each structure in all directions.

Zone 1 extents approximately 30 ft out from the structures drip line.  This area takes into account any roof overhangs or attached decks.  Most, if not all, flammable vegetation is removed and kept clear of any debris that could easily ignite from flying embers.

Zone 2 extends out about 100ft from the far boundary of Zone 1. This is the fuels reduction area. Ground fuels are minimized and the area maintained. Grasses and weeds are kept green or mowed low to limit the intensity with which fire would move through them. Strategically isolated clumps of fuel are kept as naturescape or wildlife habitat.  Dead growth is removed and trees are limbed up at least 10ft.

Zone 3 ranges from the border of Zone 2 out to the property line.  This is the area of least maintenance.  Some light thinning of trees and shrubbery may need to be done to reduce the fuel load and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

If you have questions concerning the 3 Zone concept or would like to receive a free on-site assessment of your defensible space, contact OCFD6 at 997-2981.                                                                                                                                                                                             




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